Why Bellevue is great for property management companies compared to Seattle

The never-ending rivalry between Washington’s two neighbor cities, Bellevue and Seattle, is run of several different fields. Although Seattle holds the top place when it comes to owning a professional sports club/courts, Bellevue is by far the more attractive place for real estate opportunities. Here’re some of the reasons why a property management company bellevue wa is a smarter choice than a property management company seattle wa.

Hot market

Over the past couple of years, Bellevue became an attractive real estate area for both investors and buyers. The market is scorching, which makes it a great business opportunity for a property management company. With the average price of $550,000 for a unit – compared to $330,000 in Seattle market – Bellevue brings numerous possibilities to professionals looking to start a business.

Better prices

The hot market comes with high prices, but there doesn’t have to be the reason for running away on a lower margin market. The competitive business environment is something that can help your business grow faster than with the slower market like Seattle. Although some experts would disagree on that, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make a difference with your property management company in Bellevue. Prospecting in Bellevue will be tough, but you’ll gain a significant advantage over your competitors in Seattle, which can turn into a good profit at the end of the day.

Shopping opportunities

Bellevue is among the most popular shopping destinations for both locals and the tourists. The fact that there are several large shopping malls at your disposal is a big plus for your property management business. If you find a property that’s near a shopping area, it will be easier to attract tenants and convince them to rent with you. On the other hand, Seattle can offer them other amenities, but there’s an unlikely chance that residents are going to cross the bridge to come to Seattle. Bellevue’s local management and business developers are apparently doing their best to keep the residents on their side of the bridge by investing in exciting projects that are going to fulfill their needs.

Lower crime rate

When it comes to safety, Bellevue has the lower crime rate than Seattle. This is especially important if you’re target market is among families with children and senior citizens. The fact that the citizens of Seattle are four times more likely to be robbed is an essential turndown for most prospects. On top of that, there’s a reasonable chance that your Seattle home is going to be burglarized, and your car was stolen.

Business opportunities

Bellevue is sitting on a prosperous economy, a significant amount of which comes from IT and tech industry. It’s a business-friendly environment with constant job opportunities development: currently, there are more open job positions than residents. Although it’s an attractive offer – especially to millennials and youngsters looking for a job – Seattle still wins this battle. The home of major companies including Amazon, Moz, Starbucks, etc., Seattle remains a major corporate city in the state of Washington.…

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